2015 Reading Challenge - Summer Update

Thought I'd do an end-of-summer update on my 2015 Reading Challenge.  The summer is actually much slower for me in reading than the rest of the year.  I feel like I spend a ton of the summer months driving and so I can't read then (and no books in the car because the kids are in the car as well).  So, this is what I can finish while sitting by the pool or in the evenings after they go to bed!

#19 - A book from an author you love that you haven't read yet
The Precious One

#20 - A book turned into a TV show
The Slap

#21 - A book based entirely on its cover
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

#22 - Mystery/Thriller
We Were Liars

#23 - A play
The Normal Heart

#24 - A book with non-human characters
El Deafo

#25 - A book that came out the year you were born
Watership Down

#26 - A book a friend recommended
The Mercy Papers

#27 - A Pulitzer Prize-winning book
Interpreter of Maladies

#28 - A book with a number in the title
Zero Tolerance

You can find the complete list of Reading Challenge categories here.

2015 Reading Challenge - May Update

Just a little update on my 2015 Reading Challenge.  I'm really enjoying the challenge of reading from these categories.  Of course I've been avoiding some of the bigger challenges, but I do have a few fun options lined up for a couple summer reads.

#9 - A book published this year
The Rosie Effect

#10 - A book written by someone under 30
The Opposite of Loneliness

#11 - A book set in a different country
Dispatches From the Edge

#12 - A graphic novel
This One Summer

#13 - Non-fiction
Shaking the Family Tree

#14 - A book that became a movie
Still Alice

#15 - A book set in high school
The Duff

#16 - A book written by an author with you same initials
The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons

#17 - A book with antonyms in the title
Big Little Lies

#18 - A book that takes place in your hometown
Oggie Cooder (kids book that takes place in my current city)
Scoop (memoir set in my state)

I know it's a little late in the year, but if you're interested in taking on the challenge, you can download the list of categories here).

2015 Reading Challenge

Last week I bumped into the 2015 Reading Challenge and I was drawn in immediately.  I've been reading a lot lately (and listening to lots of books during my huge amount of time in the car), but I'm often struggling a bit to find the next book I want to read.  So, I thought I would take on the challenge and hopefully it will help me break out a little bit and read some new things.  I'm hoping the Challenge will actually challenge me a bit in my reading.

I have no idea if I will actually finish the challenge this year, but if I were to have a chance I needed to go back and retroactively put some of my 2015 reads into the categories I could (you can download the list of categories here).

#1 - A funny book
The Rosie Project

#2 - A book by a female author
My Beloved World

#3 - A book with a one-word title

#4 - A memoir
There Was A Little Girl

#5 - A book you can finish in a day
About Alice

#6 - A book with a color in the title
Brown Girl Dreaming

#7 - A book by an author you've never read before
Pale Girl Speaks

Back to present time, I will finish the book above today.  My to-read list is not ordered in any way, but this one had been on it for some time, so I think it counts.

#8 - A book at the bottom of your reading list
The Mothers

I'm excited to take on the challenge...although a couple categories scare me (a lot).  I'm sure I'll be asking for recommendations as the year goes on.  The ones I'm most concerned about are the classic romance and the trilogy.  Neither are my thing, but I guess the comfort zone will be tested.