V-Stitch Work-In-Progress

I can't say that's I've worked much more on the v-stitch blanket, but it's a nice one to pick up here and there.  I find myself spending the most time picking out the colors and the order for them, so I've been doing a big batch all at once and then doing a row or two when I have a minute.  The downside is that I have a row of yarn balls sitting in the living room most of the time.  I guess the "blanket" is growing...it is shawl-size for Olivia now.

Wonder Woman

This past weekend, EJ went to a friend's birthday party with a mythical theme.  They were asked to dress up as a princess or a mythical animal or a fairy or a superhero.  EJ chose Wonder Woman and I worked to do a Wonder Woman outfit that was easy to play and get crazy in (and also used very little of my money to purchase).

The most essential purchase for a Wonder Woman costume is the wrist cuffs (at least in EJ's eyes) and I found them along with this awesome felt crown from Shoppe 3130.  We already owned the cape and EJ had the perfect shorts but she needed a red tank top.  However, the only red item in the girls' department was a thick polo shirt.  So we headed to the boys' department and bought a cheap t-shirt that I refashioned into a tank using this tutorial.  It worked really well but I also saw this tutorial that I thought would be helpful if I attempt making a tank again.

The costume was the perfect party play-wear and now she can be Wonder Woman whenever she wishes!

Liv's Summer Sports

I was just browsing the Fall rec department catalog and getting soccer games on the calendar, and I realized that the summer sports season is over.  Yet, I haven't really posted about all the cool, active things Livie (finally) got to participate in this summer after years of watching the siblings.  First, there was t-ball (she was extremely focused).

Pom poms -

Her quest to dribble a basketball with one hand -

She has been working the last month or so at getting two-wheeled biking down

This Fall she is starting soccer, so she spent a little time last week working on skills with some very nice boys from the Marquette team.

It has been a lot of fun to watch the "designated spectator" (seriously, she was 2 months old when Jack played t-ball) finally get in on the action!