2015 Reading Challenge

Last week I bumped into the 2015 Reading Challenge and I was drawn in immediately.  I've been reading a lot lately (and listening to lots of books during my huge amount of time in the car), but I'm often struggling a bit to find the next book I want to read.  So, I thought I would take on the challenge and hopefully it will help me break out a little bit and read some new things.  I'm hoping the Challenge will actually challenge me a bit in my reading.

I have no idea if I will actually finish the challenge this year, but if I were to have a chance I needed to go back and retroactively put some of my 2015 reads into the categories I could (you can download the list of categories here).

#1 - A funny book
The Rosie Project

#2 - A book by a female author
My Beloved World

#3 - A book with a one-word title

#4 - A memoir
There Was A Little Girl

#5 - A book you can finish in a day
About Alice

#6 - A book with a color in the title
Brown Girl Dreaming

#7 - A book by an author you've never read before
Pale Girl Speaks

Back to present time, I will finish the book above today.  My to-read list is not ordered in any way, but this one had been on it for some time, so I think it counts.

#8 - A book at the bottom of your reading list
The Mothers

I'm excited to take on the challenge...although a couple categories scare me (a lot).  I'm sure I'll be asking for recommendations as the year goes on.  The ones I'm most concerned about are the classic romance and the trilogy.  Neither are my thing, but I guess the comfort zone will be tested.

Reading List Summary, October 2014

Mom's List

Jack's List
Boy Tales of Childhood (Roald Dahl)
A Long Walk to Water (Linda Sue Park)
Countdown (Natalie Standiford)
Flashpoint (Gordon Korman)
Tesla's Attic (Neal Shusterman)
Going Solo (Roald Dahl)
Bad Magic (Pseudonymous Bosch)

EJ's List
Houseboat Mystery (Gertrude Chandler Warner)
Environment Infographics (Chris Oxlade)
Gizmo (Ellen Miles)
Ticket Trouble (Carolyn Keene)
Violet Mackerel's Pocket Protest (Anna Branford)
Amy's Very Merry Christmas (Callie Barkley)

Olivia's List
The One Hundredth Day of School! (Abby Klein)
North, South, East, and West (Allan Fowler)
Pumpkins (Cynthia Klingel)
A Busy Day (Brian Sargent)
Simple Machines (Allan Fowler)
What's Inside Me? My Skin (Dana Meachen Rau)
My Heart (Carol K. Lindeen)
Camping Catastrophe (Abby Klein)

Read-aloud List
Guinea Dog (Patrick Jennings)

All Things Soccer

Fall means all things soccer in this house and this year we have two players out on the field.  Jack is playing Select again this year and Liv decided to give it a try as well.  I'd say she's liking it so far...

These three make a great defensive team!

Our weekends are usually filled with games, which means your uniform doubles as weekend-wear.

And your birthday wish list/gifts might include things like World Cup balls and new indoor shoes.

We start the season in hot weather, but they play in it all!

This has forced me to come up with some creative ways to stay warm on the sidelines.

Soccer even makes it's way into schoolwork when possible.  For example, Jack's still life drawing...

I never planned to be a soccer mom, but I guess I already have the van...and I do love watching them play!