Day Two: Cookies & Flower Craft

So on day #2 of summer vacation, Jack got a disgusting stomach flu. Good times, good times!!! So, while he was sacked out on the couch, EJ & I made break & bake cookies for her project of the day. I didn't take pics as I was juggling her & Liv, but I assure you they were yummy sugar cookies! Here's a pic of her ecstatic to be baking with Daddy a few months ago...

Well, while EJ was napping, Jack woke up and decided he was ready for HIS project. I had nothing, so I hacked together this weaving project with paper plates & leftover yarn from Grandma. I had seen it to make sunflowers (and it was MUCH fancier) in the June/July issue of Family Fun magazine.

Here he is getting started (in his makeshift couch bed)...

Close-up...he picked up weaving fast!

And the finished project (we have it taped to the mantle)...

Jack completed one more that day (all yellow yarn) and has been working on a blue one since then that is still uncompleted. Jack is known for taking on WAY too much (he insisted on doing 3) and then never finishing, but also never being willing to give up or quit a project! I guess that's a good thing???

The Funky Penguin

This is currently EJ's favorite song...hearing her sing it is much funnier, but it's still a pretty great song to share. Enjoy!

The Funky Penguin on YouTube

Day One: Monoprints

The first week of vacation was also our only week until August without summer activities in the am for Jack. So, I decided to start things out with a messy art project that might take a bit more time. The added benefit was that we could use some of our art as cards for Daddy's birthday too!

So, we used our plastic placemats as a base, and taped off a "frame" the size of our paper (with masking tape). Then you paint the center with tempera paint (we used white paint & colored paper) and "draw" with a q-tip, removing the paint to make your picture/design. Then you print by placing the paper on top and pulling it can only do it once, hence the name monoprint. FYI, you should take the tape frame off before you print, but I know my kids & knew we'd be doing this about 5000 times (and I was not making that many tape frames while entertaining Olivia), so I left the tape there and we had messy edged prints!

Here's EJ getting set to draw...

And Jack pulling his first print...

Our drying area

Jack's favorite print (of course it's a fish!)

And EJ showing off her fav too!

So why Pass the Cereal? a title
See I wanted the "perfect" title for this blog...something witty, funny, probably a play on something from the 80s...but NOTHING was working. Everything was too obscure, had nothing to do with anything, and honestly WAS NOT very funny! So at Sunday dinner, I asked the family if they had any ideas (basically I was putting everything on Matt coming up with that perfect title for me!) and out of nowhere, EJ says "Pass the Cereal." Cracked me up! And I have no idea where she would have heard this phrase either, I mean I fill the cereal bowls so it's not like she has to ask for the box or anything. Anyway, she had a few other ideas..."Tigers are scary," "Fun Penguins," "Something about Animals" get the drift, but Pass the Cereal really stuck with me. It's cute, my 2-year-old made it up, how could it be bad? Sure it makes no sense, but neither do I most times! :-) a blog

Yeah, I may have said several times that I would NEVER have a blog! Not that I have anything against blogs (I mean I read like 300 of them), I just really don't have that much to say, I'm not a good writer, and I don't do many interesting things. However, I do like to do projects with my kids (a lot) and this summer we came up with (or perhaps copied) this idea to make a chart/calendar for our summer days that would chart the activities and projects we do each weekday (there are 55 days total). Each day one of the big kids picks an ice cream scoop & we add the activity. This is our chart on the first day of summer vacation.As the days have gone on, we've done some kind of cool projects and I thought it would be fun to share some of them, but there wasn't really a good format for me to do that in. So...I decided to blog them and here we are. My thoughts right now are that this blog will mainly be about these activities, with a little bit of family pics, random babbling & charity stuff tossed in from time to time too, but I guess I don't know as I've never blogged before. Please ignore my writing style (I use that term loosely)...I'm guessing I'll write like I email (and basically like I talk)!

Also, I just want to let everyone know that I RARELY come up with the projects on my own. However, since I didn't expect to be blogging about them, I also didn't keep great track of where I read about them either. So if I have a source, I'll link it, but if I haven't credited an idea & it's yours, please let me know and I'll be happy to give credit where credit is due! :-)

So...this is what our summer calendar looks like today. Looks like I have some catching up to do!!!