Day One: Monoprints

The first week of vacation was also our only week until August without summer activities in the am for Jack. So, I decided to start things out with a messy art project that might take a bit more time. The added benefit was that we could use some of our art as cards for Daddy's birthday too!

So, we used our plastic placemats as a base, and taped off a "frame" the size of our paper (with masking tape). Then you paint the center with tempera paint (we used white paint & colored paper) and "draw" with a q-tip, removing the paint to make your picture/design. Then you print by placing the paper on top and pulling it can only do it once, hence the name monoprint. FYI, you should take the tape frame off before you print, but I know my kids & knew we'd be doing this about 5000 times (and I was not making that many tape frames while entertaining Olivia), so I left the tape there and we had messy edged prints!

Here's EJ getting set to draw...

And Jack pulling his first print...

Our drying area

Jack's favorite print (of course it's a fish!)

And EJ showing off her fav too!

Amy Schaal said...

That is so cool! And the kids are so beautiful. Jack's fish is so good.

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