Day 24: Bird Feeder Painting

A simple, simple craft day of finally taking advantage of a craft kit Grandma got Jack for Christmas (yep, I def. save these things up). So Jack headed outside during nap to paint his own birdfeeder. I finished feeding Miss O & headed out to take his pic...and couldn't find him!!! PANIC!!!!! I've been trying to be a less overprotective Mom lately as I know Jack knows the rules, but I'm always worried about stranger danger! Can't help myself!!! Anyway, I looked in the driveway, the backyard, the front yard, glanced across the street in case some of the neighbor kids were home...nothing! Then the yelling started...and I hear this voice saying "what?" from the front yard. Honestly, I still didn't see him. And then...I see him tucked away up on the front stoop painting away quietly...I have never been so relieved to see Jack concentrating hard at work!