Day Eight: Animal Notebook

My kids are HUGE animal lovers!!! If EJ could be at the zoo every day, she would be and Jack is started to become fascinated with facts about the animals he loves. So today we created an animal notebook. Nothing's a drawing pad from Target actually. We attached a piece of construction paper to the cover and Jack spent EJ's entire naptime drawing animals to decorate it (he's not done by the way...many more animals to come). Then on the interior, I labeled the pages with the letters of the alphabet.

After EJ got up from nap, she & Jack worked together to look through all their magazines to find photos of animals. Then they used a glue stick to put them on the right page (EJ thought she was SO cool). Jack's plan is to write the names of the animals by each photo and also to write in facts he learns about the animals (be it at the zoo or on the nature shows he & Matt force me to watch all the time).

So it's a work in progress, but something they can add to as the summer goes on...and because they are huge nerds (just like Mom), they are super excited about having their own animal notebook (and surprisingly are sharing it well too)!
Amy Schaal said...

Jack is a great artist! That is terrific.

twochickens said...

That's a great idea! I love it. I think my daughter would end up making a mermaid notebook, which probably isn't quite as realistic.

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