Day Eighteen: Animal Sewing Cards

Today was a big change of plans! :-( We were supposed to head over to Auntie Tracie's for some swimming with our favorite girls, but...Jack woke up sick! Really head to the doctor this afternoon while Daddy watched the girls sick! Big Yuck! In the end, I think he has been doing much better tonight and the doctor thinks it was something viral that should clear up on it's own.

At any rate, no Spanish, no fun with friends...we needed a new plan for the day. So, this morning we watched Happy Feet. We had seen a tiny bit the other day on Disney & EJ went crazy dancing, so I thought it might be a hit and popped in the DVD. EJ did not last as long as I had thought she would, but she danced away every song! Very cute!!

Our other quiet project for the day (after doctor & EJ's nap) was animal sewing cards. I had been saving this link for the project & pdfs for awhile now, so I printed, cut, and hole punched during the movie so they would be all set for later! I ended up just using white paper, but would probably use color if I did them again. In hindsight I should have gotten all the prep work done in advance and had them all set to go for a day like today, but... So, this is what the cards looked like all cut out and ready for kids...

EJ had a blast working on them...I showed her how to thread the yarn through & pull it to the other side, but gave her no other instructions. She had yarn criss-crossing and had a blast asking me to look every 2 minutes (which worked out well as I was giving Liv a bottle right next to her). I think these will come in handy when I need EJ to sit in one place for awhile (but I don't think they will guarantee quiet time).

Jack liked them too (and of course was super meticulous with them), but was in no mood to be photographed. I was worried that they would either be too hard for EJ or too boring for Jack, but they seemed to be a hit all around! They would make a nice gift set too...can't get any easier than having the pdf all set up for you either! :-)