Day Eleven: Windsocks

So I'm jumping ahead a little bit as we've been working on 4th of July crafts and I thought I should maybe post them before the 4th! On Monday we made windsocks...I'm thinking they are basically interior decorations as I'm not so sure they would hold up under any sort of rain or wind though!

This is EJ's finished product...

You take a juice concentrate can (plastic or cardboard) and holding it open side down, attach a piece of fishing line or yarn to hang it with (I taped it to the sides). Have the kids decorate a piece of paper (about 1/2-1" taller than the can & long enough to wrap around it) and then attach that to the body of the can with double-sided tape. Then attach tails (strips of tissue paper) and any other embellishments (we used pipe cleaners with paper stars glued/taped to the ends) to the inside of the can with tape. Hang them up and you're done...easy peasy and they are so proud of the finished product that they insist you take their photo with the windsock!