Day Fifteen: Strawberry Picking & Flag Desserts

Our final day of 4th of July activities began with a morning of strawberry picking for Jack & I. It is SO late to be able to pick strawberries (they are normally done by mid-June) but the cold start to summer allowed a late season for the berries. A lot of the berries we got were small, but based on the ones we've already tasted...SUPER YUMMY!!

The funny thing about picking with Jack is that he doesn't like strawberries! So no bribing him with the lure of eating while picking. :-( I went into the morning sure I would not get as many berries as I would like as I was sure he would beg out early. Well, I finished up my basket and was ready to go! The plants & the area around them were wet, it was a cool morning, my arms felt scratched up, mosquitoes were biting me like crazy (forgot the bug spray), & my back hurt (whine, whine, whine). But...Jack was absolutely NOT ready to go. He said he really wanted to fill his basket too (it was about 1/4 full at this point), so we set to work on getting that done...quick! Every time I would try to get us out of there, Jack would tell me "Just a few more minutes Mommy!" Talk about a role reversal!

In the end, we took home all these berries! Definitely a morning well-spent!

So we pull out of the farm and this street sign catches my eye (naturally we turned back and photographed it)...

Jack thought it was funny and I've only seen one "Heather" street before (up by my Grandma's house). Well, we stopped at Subway on the way home to get lunch for everyone (not our normal Subway...just one on the way home) and as we pulled out of the parking lot, saw this street sign...too weird!

So while we were gone, EJ cooked up some yummy flag cookies!! She's quite the baker lately!

She & I had also made a cake the other day (when we were making burgers, so baking anyway) and after lunch (while EJ napped), Jack went to work making a flag cake with some blueberries & our strawberries.

This is his finished product...super cute right? I had to laugh when this morning I saw this...our version is just a little simpler, eh?

Happy 4th of July!!!
Amy Schaal said...

Looks like tons of fun! And got all of those strawberries? My kids love strawberries and spend all their time eating them.

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