Day Four: Central Library

This day was a morning outing to our downtown library. Why the downtown library and not our neighborhood one (literally 7 long blocks away)? Well, we go to both actually, just depends on the day and why we are going. We had a big reason for going this day and that was to sign up for their Summer reading program, Super Reader! Jack & EJ did it last year and really enjoyed it. You keep track of how many hours you read (checking off a box for each hour spent reading or being read to) and you can also check boxes for drawing a picture about a story you've read, visiting the library, or attending a library program (like storytime). It is has been extra fun doing it this year as Jack can read to me this year! I'm sure I'll bore everyone soon with a photo of the kids with their lawn signs...Jack already has his (you get it after level 3) but wants to wait until he finishes all the levels to put it out (so for now it is living in the garage...we'll see what happens after EJ gets hers next week). Oh and you also get coupons on each level for things to do in the area & food, a prize & are entered in a drawing for some HUGE prizes too!

The other reason we go to the main library is that it is super cool! It's a gorgeous old building (used in the movie, The Untouchables) and it has an amazing children's library too! Definitely a fun place to visit!
tracie said...

ooo ... we ALMOST went to the library today to get official library cards. opted for the dino museum instead.

regular library visits are definitely on my post-bwp list though! thanks for the push!

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