Day Fourteen: Streamer Tubes

Okay, to be perfectly honest, this craft was a total filler. I needed one more 4th of July-themed thing and this seemed easy enough to do the trick. In reality, parents did a lot of the work, but the kids do seem to like the finished product. So, what you are supposed to do is take an empty paper towel tube as your handle. Because I decided to do the last-minute, I didn't have a tube, so we used a big gift wrap tube that Matt cut down for me. You then punch holes in one end (we did 7) with a hole punch (again ours was too thick, so Matt actually drilled the holes for us).

Then you measure out lengths of ribbon (one per hole)...we did 36" each, but they probably could have been a little shorter. This was really a "no prep" craft for me, as Jack measured and cut all the ribbon during nap! Then you tie a knot in one end of each ribbon.

We cut construction paper down and glued it around the tube to pretty it up a bit. Then the kids decorated the paper with crayons & leftover paper & ribbon scraps.

The final step is to thread the un-knotted side of the ribbon through the holes (from the inside of the tube out...the knot will keep it in place on the inside of the tube). It ended up being too hard for the kids to thread it, so Matt got it started and EJ pulled it through.

So...kind of lame as far as a kid's project & a craft project, but the kids sure had fun playing with them. This is them before they left for the fireworks tonight! Luckily we made extras, so they are taking them to share with their cousins before the show starts. Hopefully everyone will keep their eyes! :-)

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That is a great picture.

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