Day Nine: Foam Gliders

A huge plus to making a master list of ideas, and not really planning ahead on what we'll do each day, is that some days I get to cop out and have the kiddos do a craft they already have! I added any kits or books that we had in the rainy day stash, just in case. So today we pulled out this book on Foam Gliders that Jack had received as a gift and got to work. It was pretty easy...pop out the gliders, slide the pieces together, add the nose pieces & head outside to test them out! The kids had a blast with them!!!

Oh course they didn't want to stop playing, so when I asked them to sit and smile for a photo, I got these lovely faces! I'm not sure how they coordinated their crabby faces, but they sure match well in each! :-)

Amy Schaal said...

Too cute. Jack's is especially snarly.

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