Day Seventeen: Strawberry Jam

Well, Grandma saved the day! She hit up the grocery store this morning and picked through a gazillion quarts of CA strawberries until she found some nice red ones for us. They were so good that I didn't throw out one berry (I can hear Angie not believing me but it's true)! Anyway, with Grandma's assistance, Jack & I made strawberry jam this afternoon. I would post a pic of our jars but they are wrapped in a towel to keep drafts away (per Grandma's instructions) until tomorrow morning.

Jack was an awesome strawberry crusher...he wields a potato masher like nobody's business! And he is enjoying hearing all the tops popping this afternoon too. I really hope the jam comes out yummy...if so, I think this is definitely something we'll do again. But I also think it is definitely a two grown-up job. It went much easier with me stirring, Grandma filling jars, me fishing lids out of the hot water and Jack handing out the rings. I don't have that many arms!!

Anyway, maybe next year we'll get our act together...berry pick early and actually use those yummy berries for jam and freezing for the winter! For this year, let's all hope for a good California berry crop to get us by!
tracie said...

YAY!!!!! so happy it worked out!!

Amy Schaal said...

so cool!

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