Day Sixteen: Library Visit

Today was supposed to be our big jam-making extravaganza with Grandma. However, last night I discovered that all of our berries had molded! Do you believe that? After searching high & low for pre-picked options, I determined our only option to be 2 hours round-trip and completely bailed!

So...we went to the library (our neighborhood one) instead. It was a quick trip (the baby was dying for a bottle) but both big kids finished the summer reading program there (they just had to read 10 books each), so they turned in their slips. In return they received a packet of coupons for food (noodles, pizza, subs), fun (brewers, museums, fairs) and other things in the neighborhood. They were pretty proud!

Jack also completed a second portion where he did things like: read a biography, read in pjs, get a library card, read an art book & complete a project from it, etc. For that he got one of those puzzles where you slide the little squares around until it is in order. I know...big prize! His other main choice was a finger trap. I guess when they only require a little, you don't get too much in return! :-)