Day Ten: Sound Scavenger Hunt

It was Friday & we were busy working on surprises for Daddy during the day, so...we decided to move our activity to the evening and make it a family activity. After dinner, we packed the girls in the stroller and headed out on our sound scavenger hunt. Jack was in charge of the notepad & pen, and he & EJ worked VERY hard to listen carefully for the sounds on the list.

Of course Jack wanted to black out the card, and I had tried to make it easy, but when I came up with the items I was planning on a day walk (not too many sirens, ice cream trucks & trucks backing up in the evening around here). So we did a little "helping" and cream truck became motorcycle (duh, mom!), we whistled as we walked, & we may have pinched the baby to get her to cry (just kidding on that one! honest!!). In the end, the kids marked all but two squares and got a well-deserved reward of an ice cream cone for the walk back home.
Amy Schaal said...

So fun!! My kids love scavenger hunts.

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