Day Three: Garden & Art Museum

The third day was truly all about the magic of doing a project/having an adventure with Grandma. Jack spent the night before with Grandma S and then they spent the morning scouring the plant store for the perfect things for Jack's annual "garden." Last year Jack grew yellow beans in his container garden (and they did very well...too bad we don't actually eat yellow beans), but this year he was looking to do more.

After lunch (McDonald's of course, I mean he was hanging with Grandma so he is going to get to pick), they came back to our house and got planting! He picked out (and remember I'll only be referring to the plants by their techincal names) a flower that looks something like a sunflower but is smaller and kind of more like a black-eyed Susan, but isn't. He also got two pumpkin plants (one for him & one for EJ) and some pansies and maybe something else I'm not remembering. At any rate, it filed his container nicely and now he has become a freak about watering it (which means I get free watering on the gardens in the back yard too! YAY!).

Here is Jack's garden today:

And while Jack was off with Grandma, the girls & I went to the Art Museum to visit our dear friend Christina. See despite the fact that I have seen her since Christmas, I had yet to deliver her Christmas gift (and just for the record, it's June!)...Yikes!! Such a great friend huh? So, we had a great time chatting with Christina & looking at gorgeous art. I think I explained what a sculpture was and how there could be more than one of them like 500 times, and EJ only escaped from the stroller, touched a piece, & got yelled at by a guard once (and I know NONE of you are surpised when I say that I don't think it will stop her from doing it again though)! Best of all, Christina really seemed to like her gift too! YAY!!