Day Twenty-One: Nature Bracelets

Jack started soccer camp this week and while it is awesome, I'd be lying if I said it hasn't thrown us off A TON! For one, Jack is exhausted when he is done and also, our schedule is completely out of whack! So...I decided to make this week "bird week" as most of the ideas I had for that were small and adaptable to a crazy week (both daytime & evening).

So Monday after nap we started the week off by reading some books about birds. I kind of say that loosely as they were basically some of the books from our last library trip that might have something (anything) to do with birds or outside. Here they are:

Flip, Flap, Fly!, I Face the Wind, Boo Hoo Bird, Oh Say Can You Seed?, The Apple Pie Tree, Riki's Birdhouse

Then after reading, we had a big talk about how birds are collectors...for their food, for things to build their nests, etc. Then Mom had to run (oops), so Dad took over & after dinner, they went on a walk to collect cool things they found outside and make nature bracelets. Basically we took a wide piece of masking tape and wrapped it around their wrists inside-out. This created the perfect sticky base to attach anything they wanted...and they found lots of cool things!

Ej modeling her bracelet...

and Jack with his...

After that, Dad cut them off their wrists so that they would now have a piece of art.

And believe me...they think these things are SO cool! When they woke up the next morning, they dragged me to the kitchen to show me each thing they had found and told me all about where it came from too! Definitely an easy, fun project.
tracie said...

LOVE this idea and i'm afraid i'll be stealing it!

Amy Schaal said...

Those are totally awesome, and right up my ally.

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