Day Twenty-Six: Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Monday arrived and we were happy to be home after a busy weekend and also, happy to see the sun out and warm temperatures for the first time in ages! I had some planting to do and Olivia was sleeping in, so why not do an outdoor project. Bring out the sidewalk chalk!!!

Our first project was to do self-portraits...I did a quick outline of each of the big kids shadows and then they got to work. They took their work VERY seriously!!!

Jack's final portrait:

EJ's final portrait:

Then baby sis decided to join in the fun...

When I came out with Olivia, I also found this gigantic shark drawing Jack & EJ decided to create was huge!!!

Water break - Did I mention it was hot?

Our other project was to trace their shadows every couple hours to see how they changed. They were really enjoying this project and I was so excited that I was actually teaching them something kind of science-related (I was an art history major after all) and then I realized I screwed up. By setting them up right next to the garage, I chose a great spot for the morning and a spot in complete shadow for the afternoon. Honestly!!! So, we may repeat this another time to see if we can do it for the entire day! :-)

This is Jack's shadow at 9, 10:45 & 12

And EJ's at 9, 10:45, 12 & 1:30
Leslie said...

That was a brilliant way to teach via sidewalk chalk!! You're awesome.

tracie said...

this is awesome!! and i love the pic of livie! ;)

Noho said...

Jack must have known that Shark Week starts tomorrow on Discovery!

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