Day Twenty-Three: Birds at the Zoo

It was another nighttime activity today (soccer camp is really eating up our days)...we headed to the zoo with our Subway dinner and then checked out the birds during the Sunset Zoofari. I have to just pause here and say how much I really don't like birds. Like seriously, they almost freak me out (which is really weird because my Mom & Grandma have had birds for a LONG time so I've always been around them) so I NEVER go into the bird house at the zoo! NEVER! Jack knows that he is only going in there if Daddy takes them, so he thought it was hysterical that I had to go in there. I was not happy but I did it for them (twice actually because there are no bathrooms in there & both big kids had an emergency). The usual smelled, birds swooped too close for comfort, and I swore we were going to get pooped on...but the kids had a super fun time & we read/learned a lot from the exhibits. Best of all, I got to see the penguins (because I really do LOVE them)!!!

We didn't make it to the special exhibit, Wings From Down Under, that night. But I'm sure they'll drag me back soon!