Day Twenty-Two: Birdfeeder Pine Cones & Strings

This was a split project with Jack doing one part and EJ the other. Jack took are of the bird feeder pine cones (beginning with "borrowing" them from our neighbors yard)...carefully spreading peanut butter on them and then rolling them in the seed.

I taped yarn to the pinecones (one on each end) and we hung them over the tree limb in the front yard. We've had some issues with the "naughty squirrels" (as EJ calls them) before (they stole a bagel feeder Jack made in school), but this was crazy. I hung up the two strings, went inside to get the kids and my camera, and when we came out we caught them in the act!

Here is EJ pointing to 3 of the 4 feeders on the ground (they made off with the 4th the next morning). Jack found the pine cones (sucked clean of PB) in the morning in the backyard too!

After that, we headed off to t-ball...the day was a bit crazy, so EJ did her project there. Very simple (and in hindsight I was extremely glad the day was busy as this kept EJ busy during the game) stringing of Cheerios & Apple Jacks on to yarn. I tied a knot in one end so the cereal would stay and wrapped a small piece of masking tape around the other to serve as a needle.

EJ showing off the cereal (surprisingly little was eaten):

Working diligently on her project

Thought I'd throw in a pic of Jack waiting on 1st base...he takes this game very seriously (and yes, he did talk Daddy into batting gloves for t-ball)!