A Little Something for Lisa

While not the only one, Lisa LOVES to ask me about Miss Olivia (usually before she even says hi to me). I think given the opportunity, she would grab hold of my baby girl and never give her back too! :-) So today I snapped some pics of Liv in this super cute dress Lisa gave her before we headed off to her check-up. I even managed to get one catching her awesome smile (sadly, it is also out of focus, but I'm sharing it anyway)!

{Hi everyone! Mommy finally decided to put a pic of me on this blog...the big kids get all of the attention here darn it!}

Thanks again for the dress Lisa (and for all the kind words about how cute my kiddos are too)! Unfortunately, my suspicion that 3-6 month old clothes weren't going to last too much longer was confirmed today...Olivia's weight is in the 97th percentile!!! EJ's cute hand-me-downs here we come! :-)
tracie said...

she is WAY too big!!! it's been too long since i've seen her. :(

what a cutie-pie!!

Amy Schaal said...

Such a cute picture!!!

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