Movie Baby Gift say nice things about my gift giving and what do I post about next? Yep, another baby gift idea! The movie baby gift theme is one I did twice this Spring, because when you find a funny baby tee packaged THIS cute,you have to run with it!!

Baby Fish Mouth (seriously an 80s reference too? I love this shop) specializes in baby onesies & tees featuring re-worked movie quotes. Super cute! And Danielle was such a big help to contact immediately when something was out of stock, helping me get just the right thing in time for a baby shower & sending me a coupon code her!

Anyway, we gave "He made me a bottle I couldn't refuse" and "This cry goes to eleven," but my all-time favorite is this...

So, what went with these cute tees to round out our theme? Well, I thought it would be helpful to clue them in on how movie nights were going to change for them, so we also gave them...

Movie snacks:

A new DVD:

Of course a blanket to snuggle under (for the baby, not mom & dad) too.

And...a little something for mom & dad too (we did a Blockbuster GC, but I've done netflix before too & I dream of the day that Redbox comes out with a GC of some sort!!)

This was another gift I gave for new baby boys (I tend to be more creative & less cutesy with boy babies I guess), but I also think this is a fun one for first-time parents & of course movie-loving parents!

Oh and 3 gold stars to anyone who can name all the movie references (including Baby Fish Mouth)!!! :-)
twochickens said...

Hahaha, I laughed at Baby Fish Mouth, and wish I had thought to use that reference in something. (Though, my husband and I do have a baby fish mouth song. Don't ask; it's lame!) I know all the movie references except "this cry goes to 11." What's that from?

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