Some Favorite Things

I realized lately that in addition to email, blogging, twitter, facebook, and searching for obscure products, I've been using a couple cool things on my computer & phone that I thought I might share!

1) This is totally my idea...I'm just saying...ask Matt if you don't believe me!! Seriously though, I have always used the wish list feature on Amazon for gift idea lists for the kids. You see something they might like, add it to the list. Then you aren't strapped for ideas when someone asks for them. always drove me nuts that the item had to be available on Amazon itself. What if Jack needs jeans or I want to add a learning toy for EJ? Why can't you just have a button that would add an item from anywhere on the web to your list? Well, now you here to add one yourself!!

2) Lose It! is a free iPhone app that I downloaded while still preggo, told me friends about & then completely forgot about until 2 days ago...ooops!! I've only been using it a few days, but it helps you track the food you eat and keeps a running calorie count (really keeps me honest), tracks calories lost through exercise (and has a pretty extensive list of "exercise" to choose from), and allows you to enter in your goals (weight loss or maintenance) and then calculates how many calories you should aim for each day.

Very simple to use & keep up with. Quickly becoming a new fav...right up there with tipulator & urban spoon.

3) Okay, this one is not technically on my computer (well the itunes part is a guess), but I am loving my ipod shuffle. I know it's not the newest version, but I think I love it more than I would like the new version. It clips on to my shorts, so I don't have to hold it while I run and it holds a ton of music. And best of all, it shuffles the music up (hence the name) so I don't always have the exact same running mix, so I don't get bored!! LOVE it!! Load it up with a bunch of crazy, cheesy music & you have the perfect workout helper/motivator! (and you can have the back engraved with INXS lyrics too...allegedly...I'm not admitting to anything!)