Day Fifty: Camping in the Backyard

So after all our camping activities this week, Daddy agreed to camp in the backyard with Jack & EJ on Saturday night. Of course after being in the 90s most of the week, it was about 50 that night (and it rained), but they made it the entire night! I slept on the couch just in case, but they kept Matt out there until 6am the next morning. Poor Daddy! So enjoy this photo-filled post of urban camping in the backyard...

We started the evening with a dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon...campfire staples...made on the gas grill of course!

I had shopped for this during the day when it was warm...things took a turn for the cold around dinner time, so I bundled Liv up in the sling.

Jack and Daddy begin tent assembly...they took this job very seriously!


They're getting closer...

Livie supervises from the sling (and she had to add a hat to her ensemble too--thank goodness for cute big sis hand-me-downs!)...

All done and Jack is testing it out.

Bundled up and ready for bed/tent...yes, they did sleep with their bug necklaces on!

This is how many steps they were from the back door...about 10!

So, keep in mind that we have no actual fire (funny & long story about how it is pretty much illegal to have a fire in our city...ask Matt for details if you're interested) and also that I shopped for this before it got cold...we had ice cream sandwiches for our camping dessert. Brilliant right? Well let's just say, nothing was wasted. EJ didn't even let any melt!

Ready for bed (at like 7pm...they were really excited!).

We thought this photo would be hysterical! EJ kind of gives it away that it's a set-up huh?

All zipped in...I snapped this on the long walk back to the house. I wish I had an audio recording of the giggles, the stories, and the fun those 3 had for a few hours until they finally knocked out.

My favorite things learned the next day?
1) Jack asked Matt what they should do if a raccoon jumped on their tent.
2) Matt said he answered many questions about the noises they heard while camping. You know crickets, sirens, city buses flying by, and a guy talking on his cell phone in the alley.
3) That Matt had about 1/4 of the tent space while the kiddos had the other 3/4 and would not budge!