Day Forty: Colored Ice Water Play

One more stolen idea to round out color week! I saw this and hung on to it for awhile. And I glad I did because I took a little trip to IKEA with the girls and found these lovelies!! Perfect for making our colored ice play even more fun! I did the food coloring based on the tray color as I didn't want to wreck my new trays (I have big plans for these babies)!

Here they are waiting to be delivered to the bright and cheery huh? Not like you couldn't figure it out yourself but I put about 4-5 drops of coloring per 2 cups of water.

Matt was on bath duty that evening and I was on Livie duty, so I didn't watch the happenings firsthand, but they took the ice one at a time by color. Matt said they were super interested in watching how fast the ice melted based on what they were doing with it and also in watching the water color change when new ones were added. When I was drying them off, I got two HUGE "Thank you Mommy"s! What more could I ask for (especially for such easy prep work)?

Tried to keep the blog G rated so left out tub pics, but couldn't pass up sharing this one! (and don't tell my kiddos but I still have half of the ice cube batch in the freezer for a rainy day)