Day Forty-Seven: Camping Lantern

I've had this craft bookmarked the entire summer and it finally fit perfectly with our camping-themed week! And of course it worked out great for me as it seemed like the perfect Daddy craft!! Of course I did have to wash out peanut butter jars (a task that always stinks, but darn it if those jars aren't useful! Jack has a bunch hanging from the wall above his desk holding all his treasures too) and get supplies ready but it was a small price to pay.

Of course during Daddy crafts, different ruled apply. Like when the 5-year-old got to run the drill (I did not take pics of that because I seriously was at the ready for dialing 911). You can also see from this pic that instead of using the LED votive candle we used a flashing red bike safety light we got at our National Night Out. A good repurpose and it made for a much fancier end product!

Here's Jack with the finished lantern...worked out perfectly. Didn't get a pic of EJ with hers (but we did make 2)...nighttime crafts take a bit longer than we anticipate most times!