Day Forty-Six: Bug Catcher Necklace

So what do you get when you wake up with no plan for the "project of the day?" Well first you get a morning of searching frantically through your blogroll to see if anyone posted anything cool/easy you could do! And on this Monday morning, I was in luck because I found this! Since featured EVERYWHERE, this was the perfect easy craft for both kiddos. Seriously lucked out this time!

We had some errands to run (and it was a rainy day anyway), so we were able to run to the grocery store and purchase some of the capsules we needed. Did you know those machines take 50 cents now? I swear it was only like a dime when I was a kid! The kids got a mixture of baseball pennant stickers & miniature dog toys, so it was a win-win for them! We even bought some extras to make necklaces for friends.

During naptime, I made holes in the top with my awl. I would not recommend this method...stick with the thumbtack as suggested (I just didn't have one). We used baker's twine for the string and I did the taped end method again to make it easier for the little guys to string. We already had a bin of beads (I have a habit of buying those assorted packs of kid's beads which tend to be in girlie colors, but Jack doesn't seem to mind too much, thank godness), so after nap the kids started to work stringing!

Here they are modeling their new creations (which, by the way, seem to only come off at night...EJ would wear hers to bed if she could!).

And of course, because we are city mice, we did not run out and find bugs to put inside. Nope, my kids raced to the playroom and found some plastic bugs they had...which are still living in there happily!

This was such an easy craft (and the kids loved it too), that I am considering making some for Jack's school holiday shop (you know the ones where the kids come in with their $5 to buy gifts for 50 people in their lives) might be fun to have something different to buy for siblings...we'll see though!