Day Thirty-Eight: Initial Watercolors

Back to the watercolors for today's color project...I saw this great tutorial here and thought we'd give it a shot! The directions say to use contact paper, but we busted out my trusty blue painter's tape & it got the job done really well. I didn't take a photo of my lovely tape job (let's just say the curves in the letter J were a challenge), but I think I did alright.

Here is Jack concentrating on what color to put where...I don't think anyone will be surprised to know that Jack worked on this for 2 days before it was completed!

And here is the finished product (sans tape). Pretty cute right? I'm thinking this could be adapted next time if we wanted to create shapes (or really anything) with the tape too. Endless possibilities right?

EJ started one too, but her watercolor skills are still coming along slowly. She painted and painted, but when she was "all done" there wasn't really much paint on the page. So she busied herself in other ways...

playing with her penguin (no idea what that face is about) and...

making snow angels on the kitchen floor. You think I could outfit her with a scrub pad suit and set her loose on the wood floors?
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

love, love both the color theme ideas!!!

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