Day Thirty-Four: Catch-up Day

I wish I could remember more of this day too, but what I know is I didn't really plan anything and truly used the phrase "catch-up day" as a way to get out of planning anything! During the day we ironed on the design to Jack's birthday party t-shirts (of course I got the hang of it on the last 5...the other 15 look "vintage" or at least that's what I'm telling myself) and Jack & EJ worked on finishing up some art projects they had started but never finished. I think I may have forced them to clean up the playroom too, but no one can actually prove that!

Daddy was home that night early for EJ's swim class, so after that we went on a family walk to Dairy Queen (we kept that quiet until we got there though) as a surprise reward for finding everything on their scavenger hunt at the zoo the previous evening. Nothing better than walking home with the family and an ice cream cone (and I justify the 300 calories with 1.5 mile walk...think it's anywhere close to even?).