Day Thirty-Nine: Jollypops

This entire project (including the name) comes from The Decorated Cookie blog...thank you! So easy and simple that we were able to do it as a make-up project doubled up on another day (yes this was truly done on Day 41...oops the end of summer is messing us up!).

Basically, you need to buy Jolly Rancher hard candies & lollipop sticks...the rest you should have around the house. The instructions are great at the link above, but short-handing it for what we did, you line a baking pan with aluminum foil & then parchment paper. Place three candies side-by-side on the tray and place in a 275 degree oven for about 5-6 minutes. Take out...roll the lollipop stick in the hot candy (don't touch the pan doing hurts)...lay the stick down and let it cool!

We also put some of the candies in a Ziploc bag and beat them up with a rolling pin. Then Jack arranged the shards into a circle and we made ones that looked a little more stained glass-like.
While the crushed ones are my favorite in terms of prettiness, please note that we only made one tray of them. That is because slivers of Jolly Ranchers + hot little bare feet = a sticky mess on the hardwood floor! Oh well, they were pretty and I know to put down tarps next time!

All around...super easy project! The results aren't perfect, but they are super cute & colorful. The hardest part was telling EJ she had to wait to eat them!!!

One last thing...if you were to put the lollipops on a plate to take a photo and then leave them on the dining room table for the morning where the hot sun shines on them, they may melt to said plate. If this happens, we recommend really hot water to melt them a little and some scraping (like for about 45 min or so) with a really hard spatula. Not that anyone here did anything like that!! (fyi, one was saved from the garbage for the kiddos to enjoy)
Leslie said...

If I haven't already said this, you are my Summertime Mommy Idol! I am so impressed with all of the amazing projects you've done with the kiddos this summer!! Kudos to you for sticking with it (and to the kitchen floor, too, for that matter!)

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