Day Thirty-One: Public Market & Dying T-Shirts

I began this day without a plan and ended up with two "projects" (as my kids call this stuff). We were on a mission to find a brownie for a certain friend of mine this Monday morning and were having some issues. The fine peeps at Simma's were on vaca for that week & our second bakery stop had closed up shop...what to do?

We decided to head down to the Public Market! I used to go there all the time when I worked in the Third Ward (well at least when it was warm outside) to get lunch, but hadn't been down in awhile. We explored all of the shops from flowers to produce to bakery (yep we got that great brownie for T) and more...ended up with treasures you wouldn't believe (or at least my kids didn't and were amazed at what they samples & what we came home with too). Made for a super fun lunch after our travels in the market itself.

From the cheese shop, we picked up chocolate milk in boxes! We had this a few weeks ago courtesy of Auntie Alice & it is really cool. You don't have to refrigerate it at all and it tastes really good! Anyone know where I can buy this in bulk packs? (I have school lunches to pack for in 3 weeks--YIKES!). We also got "worm cheese"--small, tubey, wirey string cheese that sent my kids over the edge with giggles! These two things made the leftovers they got for lunch pretty much a gourmet meal in their eyes!

And from the bakery, they got fish cookies & I got a red velvet cake bite (mine was smaller but I'm positive much better than theirs!). And everyone who know me, knows I must have been in a very lenient mood for this kind of dessert at lunch...Matt almost fell over when the kids told him about their day! :-)

After all that sugar, EJ still surprisingly napped pretty well (the baby did not and ended up strapped to me in the sling for the afternoon) and Jack & I headed to the basement for our rookie experience dying t-shirts. It turned out not as hard as I thought it would be and we had a good experience. Can't show you the results as they are a surprise for Jack's birthday party guests next month, but they came out perfect (Jack was just a bit anxious during the final spin cycle)!