Day Thirty: Party Popcorn

So another day went by and no project was completed...Yikes, this summer is busy and my kids definitely remember if we've missed a project! So, we decided to get baths done before dinner & start dinner early this Friday. Daddy arrived home to jammied kids ready to start a movie...but before we started it, we made "party popcorn"!

Simple and easy (especially our way)...pop some popcorn. In our house...that means microwave popcorn, but you could go crazy & make your own. Just make sure it's not flavored or you might have a clash. Then melt some white chocolate chips in a double-boiler or the microwave, add some food coloring of your choice and drizzle over the top. Put in the fridge for about an hour (ours took that long to harden to an edible degree) and enjoy!

This is our yellow batch before the fridge...word of advice, I tried this using the "recipe" above and the chocolate did not "melt" enough. So...we had the clumps you see below. If I were to make this again, I'd add my shortening trick (ratio of 1 cup chips to 1 T Crisco) to smooth it out a bit.

EJ picked green for her batch (but I missed a before photo). Here are the kids with their treats in their Brewers helmet bowls SO excited to try their goodies.

They LOVED them! Now...another word of advice. I got busy doing something and didn't sit down until about 30 min into the movie with my treat bowl. This stuff is SO RICH...I ate about 1/4 of the small portion I took & could not go on! The kids hadn't said a word about it being yucky & ate a lot (I have no idea how)! I got the end, EJ was fine, but Jack went to bed with one of the worst stomachaches he's ever had (Pepto and multiple runs to the bathroom just in case happened before he finally knocked out for the eve). I would recommend some serious portion control if your kids are not big chocolate eaters! But other than the richness, this was a really easy treat to make and the kids loved both the colors, the fact that they got a special popcorn treat & a movie night too!