Day Thirty-Seven: Paint Chip Matching & Collage

So continuing on our color theme, I branched out to a new media...paint chip samples from the local home improvement store! Did you know they have these big 2" square samples now? Jack and I went and grabbed a bunch (2 per color) and then also grabbed a bunch of the traditional strips on a card. I then spent the remainder of the night cutting them into tiny pieces (as seen in the bowl below)...

We used the squares to play a little game of Memory. Jack & EJ played first and let me just tell you...that wasn't pretty! EJ didn't really want to follow the exact rules (cause you know...she's 2!) and Jack will NOT play a game unless strict rules are kept. Let's just say we didn't get too far. It went much better when Mom played individually with one of them. Still, if you don't have an age/style difference in your house, this a nice, easy, cheap way to play Memory and a good way to work on colors with the little ones too!

After EJ went up for her nap, Jack took on the mosaic paint chips glue sticking them to paper to make cool art. The white paper is "a tree falling over" and the black paper is "a big rock hitting a turtle." You can see on the second one he was drawing as well as gluing...a little mixed media action there! We still have a big bin of tiles and Jack says he has many more ideas, so I guess the endless cutting was worth it!