Day Thirty-Three: Zoo Scavenger Hunt

I'm losing track of my days here (just a tad behind in writing my posts), so I'm not sure why anymore, but I know this was a Wednesday night & Matt was not going to be home. It was also the last night our zoo was hosting their Sunset Zoofari, so I again switched the project of the day to an evening project! We headed out for a scavenger hunt at the zoo!

During naptime, I created these simple cards for Jack & EJ. EJ's was done with clip art and she just needed to find those items. Jack's was done with words and was actually a "word scavenger hunt" meaning he needed to find those words printed somewhere on a sign. I did try my best to choose words that would likely be on signs by the animals on EJ's card. I figured it was me and the 3 kids alone...we got there around 6 and ate our subs before heading out, so we only really had an hour or so before we would have to leave!

Here are their cards:

EJ counting how many she has left to find

Jack crossing off "stripes"

The kiddos showing off their almost completed cards.

EJ never saw a zebra, but she knew where they should have been so she got credit anyway. And Jack found a stop sign at the RR crossing on our way out of the Family Farm. They had a BLAST with this project and told Daddy all about it (in way too much detail) the next day. The only every time we go to the zoo (which is a lot mind you), they both ask if we are going to do a scavenger hunt. Guess this one was a winner, but oh, the pressure!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

this activity officially awards you the "Mother of the Summer" award!! :)

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