Day Twenty-Nine: Urban Hike

Want an easy adventure for a day? Run errands on foot in your semi-city/semi-suburb neighborhood. Yep, we're urban but set apart by a few miles from most of the errands in the "city" itself. But here's the thing...I would really rather walk than drag the kids in and out of the car every 20 seconds for a new "pop-in" errand, so we had an open day, Jack was game for walking...we packed up the water bottles, the diaper bag & the stroller and hit the sidewalk. Yep, you got that right, I left with no actual plan other than a couple errands in my head. No mapping a route for distance, no checking the weather, no planning whatsoever...and yep, I got REALLY lucky this time around!

Our first job was to walk down to the Village of Wauwatosa itself...this is a little bit of a haul but I knew it was do-able as we walk to our fav restaurant there all the time! On our way into the village we actually ran into some friends by chance & stopped to talk for awhile. Couldn't have come at a better time...Jack was on the verge of a meltdown at that point, so he got to rest his legs & EJ and I spent the time flirting with some little boys & talking to their Mommy (gotta love those Guatecuties)!

After that we headed to The Little Read Book to order a book for a upcoming gift and to sign our family up for National Night Out (I love that they let you just pop in and get everything done there...very convenient!).

Then we walked up to the Redbox to return Mom's movie (only took me 3 days to watch 27 Dresses, but with one night being a freebie that added up to $2!). And seeing as the redbox is at the grocery store, we went inside (air conditioning...yeah!) and found Liv's baptism cake design as well as got a snack (Twix so they could be shared equally).

On to more walking...I told Jack there was a payoff at the top of the next hill (yep, poor planning but the second half of the walk was uphill...and these aren't exactly small hills). Turns out that the car ride up this road seems much was actually up 3 hills before we hit the school I was thinking of and the playground! The big kids chugged their water and then headed off to play with some new friends. By this time it was about 11:30 and Liv hadn't had one bottle (not that she was complaining much), so I fed her and kept my fingers crossed that the cloudy skies above would not bring rain!

And now because this post is even boring it's's a pic of EJ cheesing with Livie at the playground...and yes, their heads may very well be the same size!

Finally we had two shops Mom needed to stop at on the main road near our house. One is a party store (that if you live near me you will know, but that I will not be linking as I may have received the worst customer service ever there that day) where we looked for some things for Jack's birthday & some baking projects (and also took advantage of the bathroom too).

The other is the best new store in Wauwatosa! It is a high-end boutiquey consignment shop...yep, you have that right, a high-end resale shop. Love them!!

Seriously this is a great place where I have found a LOT of wonderful clothes/purses/jewelry for very little $...however, this day I got to spend about 10 minutes & the kids were done! Don't worry...I'll be back soon enough! Especially because I'm finally approaching normal weight again!

So finally we headed home for a VERY late lunch! The kids were beat and EJ took an awesome nap! After all was said and done, Jack & I mapped our route. He had walked 3.7 miles! What a trooper, eh? Maybe next time Mom will plan ahead...