The family that geocaches together?

On Monday I saw a post on a blog that shall remain nameless (mostly cause I have NO IDEA which blog it was anymore) about geocaching. The author was talking about how it is a fun activity to do while pregnant (for some easy exercise) and with a newborn as an excuse to get out of the house. I immediately thought of my big kid explorers (especially Mr. Problem Solver) and sent the link to Matt with a note to "check it out when he had time." I guess I should tag things like that more often, because within an hour I had an email back saying he had scanned the web sites & had a site we could check out that night!

Matt came home, printed a map, and off we Jack's school! (Jack was our map-reader of course...even though we've been there virtually every day for the last year, he was still diligent in his navigation.)

Who knew there was a cache so close-by? Well we didn't really either...because we didn't find it! DOH! We searched and searched and searched...and nothing! My free iphone app wasn't really cutting it (or at least that is what I told myself) and we were fairly sure of the area it was in, but didn't trust ourselves and searched around the entire school/playground...still nothing! Not a fan of geocaching on the walk home I'll tell you!! But Jack & EJ both said they had a fun time anyway!

I should have known from the look in Matt's eye on the walk home...he was not giving up that easy! On his way to work on Tuesday (without telling us beforehand) he headed back to the school (in his defense, it is just 4 blocks away) to search and voila...he found the cache! Unfortunately, we were a busy, double-booked family that night, but Dad made sure to arrive home nice & early tonight and we headed right back.

Sure enough...there it was! With a couple clues from Matt, Jack & I found it in about 3 minutes...honestly! Here is everyone exploring the contents of said box. EJ thought it was Christmas in there with all the little trinkets/toys inside (it was placed by the 5th graders so a lot of little toys are left in there).

So we're still novices, but you are supposed to leave an item behind when you find a cache as well as sign the logbook (and of course we'll be taking a pic with each cause that is how we roll). Today we left a super ball but are trying to find a good "signature item" to leave behind for our family (although super balls have always been a Matt obsession & the kids play with them too, so maybe we're already on the right track). are the kids posing with our first find...

This walk home was MUCH more fun and exciting. And guess what? Now the kids & Matt have the bug! So we went home, ate dinner, and headed off again in search of another cache at our local park. This one was a small magnetic box (the listing said to bring your own pencil & that only a log was enclosed). I won't go into too many details but the clue was awesome, the map/coordinates were very clear, and we found the cache without too much trouble.

Here are the kiddos with find #2!

So you'd think that the whole way home the kids would be bugging us about going to find another cache right? Nope, not Jack...he wants to hide our own right now!! And he really doesn't understand why Matt wants to search out a few more before we do anything of the sort. Luckily for us, there are quite a few in our neighborhood alone (we're talking walking distance) and many more just a car ride away! I'm actually excited about when we travel too as I know this will be something we can research beforehand as an easy activity on the road! Guess I've been won over too...I'll keep you updated on our finds!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

this is just the coolest thing ever!!! i've never heard of it before ... but i think it may be a great next week activity!!

NetworkCacher said...

Welcome to Geocaching! Found your blog post via Twitter. Congratulations on your first finds. It helps to see a wide variety of caches before you hide one. Most cachers recommend you wait until at least a hundred finds.

Dave said...

Another welcome from a fellow newly indoctrinated caching family. I also saw your blog post while searching for the word "geocaching" in twitter. Great story! Kids love treasure hunting! I can think of no better way of getting the family outdoors and away from the TV and video games. Best new hobby ever!

Jennifer said...

Heather! This is awesome. I can not wait to try it! And, yes, it will be neat to take along on road trips (I take many)! You're the coolest mom ever.

Jessica said...

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