Geocache #5

I know this is getting old for everyone except our family, but Matt & the kids seriously can't get enough of this hobby! Tonight we headed out to dinner at Moe's (a bit of a drive for us but it's yummy so every so often we venture out) and as soon as we were in the car, Jack asked if we were going to find a geocache. Luckily Matt is as into this as the kids, so of course he had already printed out a map & info for a place near the restaurant.

So we found our first geocache that was not in walking distance! It was also our easiest find (thank goodness) and I did not have to fight my way through an overgrown jungle to find this one...YAY!

Jack & EJ with our find...

Liv enjoying our search time (she was hanging out laughing at the wind blowing aspen tree leaves around...pretty much the biggest mobile she has ever seen!)
Amy Schaal said...

Love that picture of Olivia. How cute!

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