My addiction

Yep, that's what Matt calls a Diet Coke in our house...I love this chart (stolen from the fabulous Mindi at Word to your Mother)! I love how much work went into this incredibly detailed study of true love! But I'm still wondering...what are the "other" names???
heather said...

Okay, I looked further at the site and the top "other" responses are:
soft drink, tonic, soda pop, & drink

Michelle Smiles said...

I struggled when I lived in NJ to call it soda because they laughed at me for saying pop. Then I went back to OH and they made fun of me for saying soda. Now I live in the south and everything is coke but I drink diet pepsi.

Jennifer said...

It's ALL Coke!! Even if it's pepsi (ewwww).I can't help it, I'm from Atlanta. I still do a double take when I hear someone call it pop. (Can you tell I'm getting caught up on my G-Reader?)

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