Sisters & A Winner!

This is my favorite photo of my girls (so far...liv is only 4 months) for so many reasons! First off, I (as their momma) think they are gorgeous, expressive little ladies who actually both smiled for me the same time! Second, I think it's so amazing how much these two love each other (especially as it's only been 4 months)...I am very curious as to what the future holds for the two of them!

And finally...the outfits! I swear these were not purchased as "matching" outfits. I actually bought them early last summer (before Liv was even a possibility). I started with one set, but EJ is a very tricky girl to fit (very tiny waist but long body), so I originally bought the shorts EJ is wearing & the top Liv is wearing, but had to go back and buy things to make 2 sets. EJ wore the set Liv is wearing all last summer & switched to the current set for this summer. I think the match-ey-ness of these outfits is hysterical on them (something on the order of Danny DeVito & Arnold in Twins, but much cuter). However, I'm not sure which I should be more concerned about...that Olivia is wearing 12mo shorts (at 4 months) or that EJ is wearing 18mo shorts (at 2 1/2 years) this rate we'll be in the same size soon (won't that make things easier)!!!

AND THE WINNER (as picked by Jack via the old scraps of paper in Mom's hand method) of the butterfly Bugged Out bag is of Mommy to 2 Princesses and Cooking for my Girls. Hope you and your gorgeous girls enjoy!

Thanks for playing everybody! I promise more giveaways to come...when something awesome strikes me (let's face it, the next one will probably be food or food-related!).
Angela Holland said...

Thanks so much!!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

congratulations to angela!!

and heather {crying again, thank you very much}, thank you SO much for this giveaway. thank you for your love, your friendship ...

i really enjoyed reading about others who's lives have been touched with MS. i think this giveaway has helped bring more awareness to the disease.

and thank you for your blog! i told you you'd be an awesome blogger!! what the heck took ya so long? ;)

ADORABLE photo of the girls!!!!

luv you ... me

heather said...

What...have you picked up my crying habit? :-)

I was so excited to find these cute bags & to be able to share a little bit about something I know so little about but that I definitely want to GO AWAY darn it!! If more of us "get" what it is, then maybe more of us will donate $ to help stop it from affecting our family & friend's lives!!!

Don't know where this blog will go after the summer...I may have not so much to say anymore! :-)

Love you too!!!!!

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