55 days of summer wrap-up

So summer is long over and I think our daily projects were a success! Jack said his favorite thing about summer were our projects and EJ still asks to do one each day! And as I sat back, so pleased with myself for this great plan, I realized...I'm going to have to do this again next summer aren't I? Yikes! Guess I better start dreaming up fresh ideas (or a new plan) soon...especially because I'll have a toddler next summer!

Hope you enjoyed the project ideas...I'm sure I'll still be posting crafts, recipes, special things we do throughout the fall, winter, spring, as Jack is the master of starting projects and I've always got a few crafts (that I'm not getting too) going. I've got a list of little person projects waiting Miss EJ too...we just need some colder weather before I bust them out!

Oh and did anyone notice that we missed 1 day of the 55? Day 25 was never completed...sure we did extra projects that could have replaced what I had planned, but I made the mistake of telling Jack the planned project that day. So because we never made birdseed cookies, I was forced to keep that day blank!