Day Fifty-Five: Junk Food Sushi

Our last day had to be a sugary fun treat day right? I found this super fun, super easy project posted at the beginning of August and started collecting our supplies. But that's where the trouble apple fruit roll-ups? Not as easy to find as you might think! In fact, impossible to find in my city! I was just about to give up hope, when Matt had a brilliant idea and Googled "make your own fruit roll-ups"...he is a wise man!

We short-cutted it a bit, but basically you grease a jelly roll pan, add green apple applesauce, and put in a 200 degree oven for about 8 hours. Ours didn't come out exactly the shade of green we would have liked, but it definitely got the job done!

So, here are our supplies on project day...the easy prep work is cutting the twinkies in thirds, the roll-ups in strips the size of the twinkies & the gummy worms in half.

Then you easy a 2-year-old can go it alone!

Our work zone

Dad's not home, everyone is working & the baby wants in on the action or she's going to scream? Then just put her on the table!

All ready for dessert! (everyone is in pjs as this was a post-bath, post-dinner project)

And just as an fyi to all, these taste TERRIBLE! The flavors are truly not meant to go together! So, we assembled and then took the pieces apart to enjoy them. Even EJ wouldn't eat them together...and she eats anything!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

absolutely adorable and clever!!! and even with the heads up ... still tempted to try them! ;)

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