Day Fifty-Four: Bowling

Sunday afternoon we're out running errands when it hits me...why not take advantage of Dad being home and FINALLY use the Kids Bowl Free coupons I've been getting all summer but never taken advantage of? I never thought I could handle it alone (with the baby & big kids) and it was the second to last day to use the coupons! Best idea I've had in some time!

I did only have my iphone with me, so bear (or is it bare) with the pics! Of course when you decide to do something spontaneously, you have to take a fun pic to put on twitter, right? (EJ was too little for actual bowling shoes!)

Posing before we get started (and these were post-church, comfy, errand-running judgments please!) :-)

Jack gearing up (he has only been bowling once before...I think 2 years ago)...

EJ going on her own (she was a first-timer of course)...this was her only time going it alone though as her ball stopped halfway down the lane!

Jack gets a strike!

Yes, this is a photo of the scoreboard...why? Because Jack said to me (or actually shouted loudly), "Look Mommy, we both have the score that is your age...37!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Matt's game winning always cracks me up that he doesn't fall over!

And the best part of the day...Jack's friend Maya (and her mom & dad) stopped in to check the place out as a possible birthday party location (it was a go), so Maya hung out with us while they did the paperwork. Here are the kiddos having a dance party (hence the blurry photo) to some 80s hair band song (yes, EJ thinks she's break-dancing again).

It was an awesome family afternoon and a nice summer wrap-up as it was something we hadn't done before. And I swear Liv was with of us was holding her most of the time and the only photo I took (of her & EJ sitting in the chairs) is too blurry to share!