Day Fifty-Three: Playground & Picnic with JK friends

I cannot take credit for this day...a mom friend organized a group outing to Jacobus Park for some playground time and a picnic lunch. Our Junior Kindergarten group was being split between 3 different Senior Kindergarten rooms, so it was nice to have one final summer get-together before the transition. We had such a good time (kids & moms alike) so I didn't really take many photos (too busy talking) but I did snap one of EJ on the playground...I had to!

Because I remembered that I had this photo of someone else on the same toy! Our first house was literally about 3 blocks from this playground! We moved to our current house when Jack was about 15 months old, so my guess is he's about 10 months old here (and yes this pic is definitely after a haircut...I should post the ones before this haircut, he was shaggy!). Anyway, I just thought it was cool to be back there!

And I thought I'd throw this pic in there too...he's so serious!!