Day Fifty-Two: Cool Waters Splash Pad

The last week of summer brought a few adventures that we had thought about doing all summer, but never did. In each case, we kicked ourselves for waiting so long and losing the chance to be able to go again!

First up on this list...Cool Waters, a water park in our County Parks system. I'd never been there, but heard it was usually really crowded. I always assumed it was just for older kids and had big slides (hence the crowds). No photos on the web sites I found to prove otherwise, so I never checked it out.

I was very wrong...the majority of the water park is zero-depth. And they even have a couple slides where the kids come off and are up to their waist, so it's pretty easy for them to be independent. Of course we went with friends which I would recommend with different age groups of kids, so you have buddies & more than one adult to watch them.

Oh and it was not that crowded, especially for a hot day on the last week of vacation! But really...don't go there next year was terrible...definitely not worth your time! :-)

Some iphone pics for you...