Thank you for donating!

The final totals were outstanding and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you for making a difference in the education of children in Guatemala.

LAAF-WI collected the following...
drive items:
333 red pens
851 blue pens
745 black pens
1319 pencils
141 colored pencil sets
222 erasers
122 pencil sharpeners
70 watercolor sets
133 scissors
288 rulers
94 protractors
50 compasses
82 calculators

39 crayon sets
30 glue sticks
5 glue bottles
185 pencil cap erasers
12 folders
8 marker sets
1 tube of kids toothpaste

The donations I collected from all of you were a huge part of these totals...thank you for caring about my daughter, her birth country, and these children! Info on our annual family drive is coming very soon...