Truth in advertising

So today I found these 100 calorie muffin packs and thought they might be a fun "treat" to mix things up for Jack for his morning snack time at school (what I think about them having a morning snack time is a whole 'nother post). Anyway, they looked yummy, I grabbed them...didn't really think too much more about it.

Here's the box (note that the only note says new smaller box, but still 8 packs)

So tonight I thought I would taste-test them for Jack (wouldn't want to send him with a terrible snack). Well, guess what? See the picture on the box with the 2 muffins flying out of the bag? Yep, you guessed it...There are TWO muffins in a huge bag!

I shot this with my phone, so there can't be too much camera "trickery" going on...big huge bag & 2 tiny muffins! I got robbed!!! :-(
Leslie said...

Oh, I can beat that! We bought those and the brownie bite packs . . . and Meg opened up a brownie pack with ONE brownie in it. (The others had 2 or 3). Even Reilly felt bad for her, briefly. Ridiculous, isn't it??

Amanda said...

Plus Mama Made ones would be SO much yummier!

Michelle Smiles said...

Packaging makes me laugh. So silly.

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