Halloween Parade & Playground Pics

Okay so I uploaded a ton of photos for this post and I'm writing this late in the evening (and feeling nostalgic & blessed) so may gush a bit...please hang in there with me!

Let's start with some crafting and the worst photo ever (possibly cause I took it at midnight when I finished the crafting). These are the pencil toppers (and pencils) I made for the kids in Jack's class (and a couple other special friends)...not my best work but got them done pretty easily. Saw the idea (and used the template) here, but had to hand sew them so they weren't as quick as her version (but still cute).

Jack's last day of school was yesterday and it's a half day filled with parties, games and the big Halloween costume parade. I had volunteer duty at school in the am, so of course the girls needed to dress in their Halloween best too!

Here is Olivia in her outfit...

...and EJ wearing the same outfit two years ago in Guatemala. I'm nostalgic because we landed in Guatemala two years ago today...the day was a whirlwind of lawyers and meetings and stressing about Embassy the next day, but at the end of it (and in the middle of the night when she was up for 5 hours straight) I was holding my daughter and knew I was never letting go! I seriously can't remember her being this little anymore though...where has the time gone?

So back to the big parade...we went and found a great place to watch with our friends where I thought I could get some great photos, and then...

Anyway...bringing the camera wasn't a total loss as we spent some time on the playground between volunteering & the parade and I was able to snap some great pics of the girls. I've been really bad about having my camera with me this summer/fall, so it was fun!

I even got to snap some of EJ & her friend Abbie. These two love each other so much (our week in hiding with the flu was torture for both of them). I can't imagine having such a close bond with a bestie at 2 years old...hopefully they'll be friends forever!

And now my newest baby is up crying (which never happens) so I'm off to cuddle & coax someone back to sleep! Goodnight!
emileerosedesigns said...

first, how are your kids so cute?!

second, those toppers are ADORABLE! and sewn too? Super cute idea!

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