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When we bought our first house, we spent LOTS of time getting each room perfect! Before we even moved in, we spent night after night (just ask Joel & Angie...they helped us almost every night) gutting & redoing the bathroom, peeling wallpaper, finding the perfect window treatments, etc. We were young (and a little overeager of course) and really what else did we have to do? In the end, our house was SO nice and we really loved it! But the time came when we just couldn't live with the layout (split bedrooms between floors, one bathroom, etc) and we decided to move.

But when we moved into our new house, it was 2 weeks before Christmas and we had a 14-month old...things were different. Sure we still removed wallpaper & painted a few rooms, but things moved a lot slower and a lot of things we wanted to do never happened! Maybe because someone didn't help as much as he talked?

Our living room has always been a problem for us. When we moved in, we put our already aging furniture in best as we could and called it a day. Fast forward 5 years and we are in desperate need of new...well, everything! But if I'm going to replace furniture, I want to do it right! I've never been able to figure out where the furniture should go to work best/look coolest due to the windows, entryways, fireplace, & forced tv placement.

But I know that you guys are much better at design then I am, so I am reaching out for your help! Please check out the floor plan of our living room here and give me your thoughts! PLEASE!! What sizes of furniture would you buy and where would you place them? I'm desperate for help!

Some things to note...
-We have to have a tv in this room (but we think we need to replace ours soon, so I didn't put our mammoth tv in the layout...seriously, this thing is 20" front to back...old school!) & it has to be somewhere on that one wall/corner (note on the layout) as the cable connection is there.

-Window ledges are high enough (27" from floor) to be able to place a couch or table in front of them.

-The site shows a very modern layout (especially in 3D) and our house is definitely not modern! Dark wood floor, old leaded glass windows, white stucco walls...1905 Tudor style.

This pic shows our crazy fireplace (which also doesn't show up too well on the 3D version) to give you an idea of what we're dealing with.

photo courtesy of the awesome and amazing tsj photography

And this photo gives a good idea of the wall surface (which is pretty much not changeable or paintable), the vents (which are shown as radiators on the layout) and the leaded glass door (the same paneled glass is in our windows). Plus it's cute and seasonal right?

Again, I'm BEGGING you for help! I'm not even sure where to start so any help is GREATLY appreciated! Our living room desperately needs a fresh start!!!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

this is something i'd totally love, love to help you with!!!

i have no suggestions right now, but i'll send them your way as i find them!

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