Iron Cupcake: Literary & Boo Boo Drive

It's finally here! Iron Cupcake: Milwaukee is hosting the Literary Challenge on Monday, October 19th. Please go, sample super yummy creations, enjoy hanging with some of our besties, and help us out with Boo Boo Drive 2009! $1 from each $5 admission will be donated our cause! Oh and there are prizes...not just for the bakers, but for those attending too!

We had really hoped to have the entire family make an appearance, but with some of us still being a bit contagious, we are going to miss it! However the Milwaukee Cupcake Queen (known as Auntie Sandy in this house) is a wonderful hostess and we've heard Uncle D & Auntie Alice (Vine Pewter of The M.U.T.E.S.) are making an appearance too! Take lots of pics for us and have fun!

For more information on the Boo Boo Drive, including ways you can help, please click here!