On the mend...

We started this week out a little crazy...Jack woke up VERY sick Monday morning and when he said he did not want to go to school, I knew I should call the doctor. We all trucked to the doctor's office mid-day (in jammies no less) and found out that Jack has the flu. We're waiting to hear officially, but our doctor believes it is swine flu! Good times! So he's out of school for the week and has made a permanent daytime couch bed! EJ is pretty healthy, just a little cough and her continued 2-year-old molar arrival fun! Olivia is showing a lot of cold symptoms, but still smiling away...happiest baby ever! We had her tested for the flu too though (just not the rapid test).

So now we're on day two...and things seem to be looking up! Jack is forming complete sentences (yesterday I was lucky to understand any words he said) and keeping me on task with his medicine schedule. No one has a fever today (yesterday afternoon Jack was 103 degrees on Motrin). Everyone got showers/baths this am and we switched from jammies to "soft clothes"...all good signs for recovering quickly! And let's all hope that Mom doesn't go completely stir-crazy while we wait out the week!

Jack resting in his couch bed...

EJ can't decide what to do...she wants to play but knows I never allow a morning of tv, so she's trying to take advantage of that too!

Little Miss Liv also has an eye infection (but I think she's still pretty cute)..

Dancing and smiling...what an awesome baby!

Addendum: Well, as I was uploading my pics, Matt walked in the house (at 10am) saying he feels like he is going to pass out! Not good! It doesn't seem like he has the same thing as anyone else (I have a raging cold myself), but he's still not good! Of course now he is snuggled up in bed WORKING! (But are any of you surprised by that!)

Also, Liv just screamed for about 15 minutes before I could finally get her down for her morning cat-nap. That is SO unlike her I don't even know where to start. Everyone fingers crossed that the baby does not get the flu...she can't even have any meds for it if she gets it!!!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

get better quickly stuart family!! who's gonna take care of mama when she's down for the count? ;)

Amy Schaal said...

great pics! hope they all feel better soon.

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