Pumpkin Farm & Boo Boo Drive Update

One more week remains to donate for our annual Boo Boo Drive. Iron Cupcake was a great success! Thanks to all who attended we received well over $160 in donation money...thank you! We have been very blessed with donations at this point, but of course hope to receive more this last week! Please help if you can!!

And now...some pics of my kiddos as we made our last-minute trip to the pumpkin farm yesterday. Don't they look thrilled (at least they're all looking)?

First we ate & ate & ate...cider doughnuts...

caramel apples...

And we bought our annual ton of banana bread too! Then off to the fields...EJ said that her favorite part was the tractor/hayride, and that is good, because there were no pumpkins anywhere!

Livie surveying the fields on her very first visit! Seriously, there were like 20 pumpkins in the entire huge patch and they were all bigger than Livie (and usually rotting too). So...we got back on the tractor figuring we'd pick them out from the store.

Here's Liv by the stack at the store...not very nice (but yet still pricey). We ended up buying them from the garden store about 1 mile away from home (the pumpkin farm is a good hour away from home).

Pumpkins or not we still had a great time doing "country" stuff...my middle city mouse was shocked that there were no cows at the pumpkin farm! And I had to include this pic to show you my crazy, happy baby! This girl always has a smile on her face and to prove that point, this pic is about 2 minutes after I beaned her in the eye with my camera lens (handing her to Jack for this pic & the camera swung around from my back & clocked her)...she rebounds nicely (obviously much better than her sibs!).